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       It will assist you with dating your  lighter.
     Click on the link below to date your ZIPPO
You may need to use the translate button once you get there.
1956 & 1957 do not use this stamp.
The correct stamp is similar to the 1958 stamp shown here using the smaller Pat .Pend. info.

More info to follow.
Contact me for exact stampings
Dating your Zippo can be a complex issue.
I have used some date charts found in Zippo Manuals to assist you in this.
There are differences in the materials used to manufacture the lighter that also help us narrow it down .
 After 1955 Look for a series of Dots or slashes found on the base stamp to determine the age.
1933 - 53
1953 - 75
1976 - 88
1988 - 92
Left: WWII 1942-45

Difficult to see any identifying information if the black crackle paint is still intact.
1942 models have a 4 barrel hinge. 
1943-45 models have a 3 barrel hinge
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