Every Zippo lighter comes with an instruction booklet. Over the years, there have been many changes to it.
 I have put  together a collection to see the changes that have occured, along with approximate dates that these are from.
Zippo would not have changed the paperwork on Jan 1st of each year, so there is some overlap. 

Instruction Booklets

This instruction booklet shows the Metallique options, along with the Gift Box at that time. The Metallique initials cost $1.00 and the Scotty or Drunk cost $.75. Notice the "One Step" Table Lighter. The table lighter was introduced during this time.
The main page shows the word ZIPPO to be parallel to the page.
10 pages

1946-47 Instructions.

They still offered metallique logos, but it's VERY rare to find a post war lighter with metalliques.
 At this time, Zippo reluctantly discontinued production of its table lighter, in late 1941. As you can see, the words
 "Not available at present 
that were added and hand-  stamped after the booklets were made.  It's my opinion that WWII had a lot to do with Zippo's decision to limit production of the table lighter. But production returned in 1947,
and the "Not available at present"  stamp was no longer necessary. 
The cost of fuel, by the case was $6.00 for 24,& $.25 per can.?

  10 pages

       1942-45  WWII

This booklet came with the "Black Crackle" lighter.
Note the OK for use with gasoline. Soldiers would submerge the insert into barrels of gas to fill the lighter.
            4 pages
1949- 51 
The new script style logo was introduced around this time.

Sports themes, emblems,logos
and signatures were in full swing
during the late 40s.

     I like the promotion of the
  "ever popular drunk" 
 written on this booklet

12 pages long

 Bright color was added at this time.
 Note the use of the word "GUARANTEE",
and the lack of the "R" symbol after the logo.
The "R" symbol was introduced in the following year. Some 1953 lighters may have come with this booklet until stock was depleted. Only 6 pages during the Korean War.

6 pages
1948-49 Instructions.

Signatures, Initials , and the start of the Sports theme, showing the line drawn Dog and Drunk.The cost for engraving stayed the same at a cost of $1 but the Dog, or Drunk logos were now engraved, and went up in price, from $.75 to $1. 

 10 pages long

Still using the word"GUARANTEE" and the introduction of the  "R" under the Zippo logo. 4 fraternal & 4 military insignias were offered at this time.

10 pages
Full size lighter instructions

The word "Guarantee" was changed to the word "Please"

8Fraternal,8military insignia's, along with  standard initials & signatures were offered at this time. 

               10 pages

The addition of the words "Zippo Mfg. Co." and "Bradford PA. were added as well as the newer style fuel can are the most obvious differences between this and the 55-59 booklet.

The biggest change here was the addition of the Zip code on the display page. Zip codes became mandatory, starting around 1963.

10 pages
 1940-41 Instructions

 There were some changes made to the instructions. 
The fluid tin on a seperate page was removed from these instructions. Zippo offered cases of fuel at a cost of $3.00 at this time.The individual cans were $.25 ea.
Early 1938 

 It shows the table model as not being available. All metallique at this stage.

This is the last instruction sheet to show the early fluid tin on a seperate page from the gift box page.The main photo shows no slashes to the lighter itself, as well as the Initials "PCB" are no longer in metallique form. The name ZIPPO is also angled, compared to the 38-39 booklet.

Also, the page showing the table lighter, shows the word "ZIPPO" in hand written font. The words "Table Lighter Deluxe" have been moved from the top of the page, to the base of the lighter. 
1936-37 Instruction Booklet

This is one of the very first instruction booklets used by zippo.
It shows the square edge model lighter with a 14 hole chimney, and an internal hinge. 
1936 Initials leaflet

 This leaflet was also added to promote the personalization of your ZIPPO.
It is a 4 page leaflet showing the metallique options for initials, or the two decorative motifs.
Scotty Dog or Drunk on Lamp-post
1933-36 Instructions

This is the first design of paperwork for the ZIPPO lighter, showing the "TALL" model with original style "hook" cam and no slash marks.
It also shows the insert having 16 holes which is correct for lighters used until mid 1936
I don't believe ZIPPO made any changes to the paperwork until later in 1936. 
This leaflet also came with your new ZIPPO lighter.
 It shows the initials Z.M.C. for ZIPPO Manufacturing Company
This small document was tucked under the lighter and is promoting ZIPPOs unusual lifetime guarantee
1956-61 Slim lighter guarantee paperwork
Also found with Sterlings and Plated lighters
1956-58 Slim Guarantee paperwork
1959-61 Slim Guarantee paperwork
In the mid to late 50s, Zippo added a Guarantee slip with slim model lighters. 
The one on the left  from *1956-1958 had one blank page, as well as there is no mention of,  "Zippo Mfg Co. Bradford PA"

The Guarantee on the right from *1959-61 now has information on all 4 pages, as well as 
"Zippo Mfg Co. Bradford PA"

*Dates are approximate
As a side-note, I have also noticed these with the Sterling Silver and Plated lighters that came in the hard "clamshell" boxes.
1979 - 1989>
This marks the beginning of the new Zippo Logo.
This one is clearly marked with a manufacturing date of 6-79

Safety warnings became a big part of this booklet. 
No more emblems or signatures were offered.
The script logo was coming to an end.
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