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The Slim lighter was first manufactured in 1955, but not officially introduced untill 1956. The slim lighter was smaller than the full sized Zippo.
Dennison Box #1
 ZIPPO added what is known as a "Cobra-head wheelguard" 
This was a thin piece of metal added between the flintwheel and the wick. 
 Most commonly,this piece of metal had a small hole, to allow the spark to travel from the flint, to the wick. But i have an early prototype showing ZIPPOs first design, without a hole between the wheel and wick.   Shortly after production began, ZIPPO found that the design had some issues.This newly designed guard became brittle over time, and had a tendency to break with use. The remaining inserts were modified, by breaking off the wheelguard,and a larger hole on the cam side was created.
 This larger opening on the cam side allowed more air to the wick area.
Later, in 59 Zippo moved the flintwheel further away from the wick. 
Dennison Box #2
Dennison Box #2
The second design for the Dennison Box came out in 1957 with a newly designed cover. It still retained it's unique display feature. By folding the lid outward and under, you could set this up in your store without the need of another stand. This was used till 1958, when it was replaced by the more conventional box.     see below
1961 U.S. Navy
 Polaris Missile

Beautiful 3 color graphics 
 The mount has the Zippo logo on it from this point on.
This is a very rare Zippo lighter with a pixel photo, likely of a Zippo employees child.

These lighters were made in the early 70s as an experiment by one of Zippo's employees, Paul Hajdu, who is also responsible for some hand painted models. These rare pixel lighters were made by Paul, for employees and close friends, according to info from the book "The Great American Lighter".

Extremely rare collectible. This one is new in it's original box.

65-67 GF Slim
Zippo had special hard cases for their solid gold,and plated models. 
The case was lined with satin and the lighters came in a soft pouch, 
to protect the delicate finish. 
The case, and the logo on the case, is a gold color, and the pouch was yellow. This differs from the Silver models that had a silver case and a pale blue/gray pouch.
1965-67 10k Gold Filled
Open to offers
1975 Grumman Slim
1976 Evans Arcadian
1971 Reddy kilowatt
1989 "CASE"
 100 year anniversary
Cobra-head wheelguard
Zippo's first box design for the slim lighter was manufactured by the Dennison Co. in 1956. This box doubled as a display box.

The photo on the left shows the prototype wheelguard without the hole, and the photo on the right clearly shows the later wheelguard with the modified hole that allows you to see the flintwheel.
Here are two Salesman samples from my collection.
The one on the left is from 1986 and was made for the Japanese zippo market.
The lighter on the right is from 1976 
Both lighters are quite rare.
These are the only ones i have seen. 
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