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Updated Oct 19 2019
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1948 3 barrel 
Curtiss Wright Aviation
1977 Scrimshaw "THE OUTRIGGER"

One of the more rare lighters in my collection is this 1977 "Outrigger"
This style was not a production model. 
In 1976 / 77 Zippo test marketed this lighter, along with two other styles using real Scrimshaw, but due to the high cost of manufacturing, dropped the line and later manufactured  similar models made from acrylic.
There are only 4 of these (in this design) know to me .
Each one different in subtle ways as they were carved by hand and never mass produced. 
Vintage Abercrombie & Fitch / ZIPPO
Hand chased, 14&18k Gold gilded ( Gilt ) case 
Ca. 1959

NOTE, I have seen a handfull of these. Some websites suggest there is only one, but that is not correct
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1953 Steel Case
1953 Steel Case Kelvinator
1937 Gold Windy box.
It's taken me over 40 years to find the "Holy Grail "
I'm proud to share my latest aquisition. A 1933 Tall !
I purchased this, and the story is this lighter came directly from George Blaisdells Vault after a original 1933 lighter was sent in to Zippo for repairs, then lost, sometime in the mid 70s. This is the lighter sent back to the customer to replace his 33 Tall. Now it's mine.

Absolutely MINT !!
1949 Cooks 500 Ale Beer advertizer. 
 Double Sided     Wow!
1933 Tall !!
Not One, But 4 !!!

George Blaisdell Signature Lighters.
One Sterling,
One Silver plate
 & two regular..
1956 Mobil Oil in original box